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How The World Wide Web Has Changed Society

Web Technology


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The Growth of the Web

The growth of the Web has been explosive, to say the very least. There are more people online than at any other point in history, and more people use the Web to shop than at any other time in history. And online retailers have seen tremendous jumps in their online earning potential.

Web Technology

The rapid growth of the Web and Web development has been the result of many innovative advances in Web technology. The Web is a layer of system upon system, an amazing array of technologies that all work together to deliver a world of communication to the user. These various systems feed on each other: a user looks for an e-commerce site, this site uses shopping cart technology, the shopping cart technology is marketed by a larger e-commerce site, this site experiences growth and offers itself to the world at large as an IPO, and we’ve come back to the individual user again as he or she buys stock in the very company that they first looked to purchase something online from.

Web Standards

All the systems on the Web work together, some better than others, but while there are many different systems on the Web, none of them are governed by any special rules. This system, as large and wonderful as it might be, has no specific oversight; which gives some users an unfair advantage. Access to it is not necessarily distributed democratically throughout the world at large.

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