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Review: "Podcasting Hacks-Tips and Tools for Blogging Out Loud"

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Podcasting Hacks

The Bottom Line

"Podcasting Hacks" by Jack D. Herrington has literally everything I ever wanted to know about podcasting and more. I felt much more confident that I could actually do this new-fangled podcast thing myself after reading this book - it's aimed toward those who've never heard of podcasts all the way up to the gurus who might want to learn a few new tricks. Excellent resource, plenty of hands-on tutorials and solid, practical information.
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  • learn how to find and listen to podcasts on the Web
  • detailed tutorials on how to set up your own podcast
  • great information on how to produce a clear signal and reduce noise
  • learn how to choose the right audio tools for the job
  • even includes a brief but detailed chapter on videoblogging


  • None


  • Good tutorials for the podcasting newbie
  • Really intriguing hacks that you'll want to play with as soon as you read about them
  • Podcasting tips and tricks such as making better use of the content portion of your blog, etc.

Guide Review - Review: "Podcasting Hacks-Tips and Tools for Blogging Out Loud"

From the first chapter, "Tuning Into Podcasts", to the last, "Videoblogging", I found this book "Podcasting Hacks" to be completely interesting. The author gives plenty of detailed, step-by-step information on how to do anything podcast: how to find a podcast, how to listen to a podcast, how to record your own podcast, how to make a really great podcast, and more.

The author gives out great snippets of information, like on page 168 in Podcasting Hack #28 when he talks about segment ideas for a sports podcast (interviews, debates, countdowns, etc.). Another good podcasting hack I appreciated was Hack #34, "Record Telephone Interviews" (tip:keep it legal by asking for consent.). I was intrigued by the possibilities of podcasting explored in this book - there's just so much you could do with this relatively new medium, and the author of "Podcasting Hacks" sure does a good job of conveying his own excitement and expertise in the podcasting field.

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