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Reivew of "Firefox Hacks", by Nigel McFarlane

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Firefox Hacks

The Bottom Line

I love Firefox. So I was excited to take a look at the book "Firefox Hacks." In it are practical guides to everything from using your Firefox toolbar icons to running multiple Mozilla browsers. I think that this book is way more than the average Firefox user needs; however, for Firefox power users and Web developers this book is an incredible resource.
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  • good information on configuring Firefox
  • excellent for Firefox power users
  • step by step tutorials for advanced Firefox hacks


  • more for serious developers than the average Firefox user


  • practical and well-written tutorials with complicated material
  • excellent book for any Firefox power user
  • highly recommended for anyone who wants to get the most out of Firefox

Guide Review - Reivew of "Firefox Hacks", by Nigel McFarlane

Really, I had no idea that Firefox was THIS powerful, but after reading "Firefox Hacks" I have a much better idea of what this "searcher's browser" is really capable of. I'm definitely not a programmer, so many of the Firefox hacks went straight over my head. However, I think that any Firefox user, once getting their feet wet on the first 15 or 20 hacks, would gain the confidence to go on and try more complicated Firefox hacks, such as creating a chrome package, write compatible CSS, or debug Web documents.

Again, I don't think that this book is a good fit for anyone looking to merely learn more about using Firefox. This book is a serious Firefox power user Bible. Good resource for anyone who wants to do any development using Firefox, or anyone who wants to get into the nuts and bolts of the Firefox system.

Also, one more thing: Firefox Hacks is written in a numbered style, with hacks from 1 to 100. This means that you don't have to necessarily read each Firefox hack in order to get the most out of the book; you can just fast-forward to what you're most interested in. All the O'Reilly Hacks books are written in this fashion and it's a great way to find what you're really interested in fast.

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