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Twitter Search

Seven Ways You Can Do a Twitter Search on the Web


Twitter, a popular micro-blogging platform that boasts millions of users, is a great way to find content that other people are talking about on the Web. Here are seven search tools you can use for a more accurate and extensive Twitter search.

1. Topsy

Topsy - A search engine powered by tweets_20091017
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Topsy is a a search engine that follows conversations around the Web based on a Twitter springboard of over 30 million users and what they're talking about. It's an amazing way to find what people are talking about in real-time.

2. BingTweets

BingTweets, part of Microsoft's Bing search engine, is a search utility that will search Twitter for you and post your results alongside related Bing search results, making it easy to investigate a topic further.

3. Twitter Search

twitter search
Twitter Search offers some pretty decent search tools that you can use to narrow down what you're looking for; they also follow trending topics so you can see what's hot fast.

4. TwitScoop

Twitter can be overwhelming simply because there's so much information traded back and forth. In order to filter that information into topics that you're interested in, you can use TwitScoop, a simple sorting utility. Just type in your topic of interest, and TwitScoop will only bring back those Tweets that are relevant to your search query.

5. Tinker

Follow a wide variety of happenings on Twitter with Tinker, a search tool that is similar to TwitScoop in that it only brings back Tweets related to what you're interested in. You can track events, people, conferences, festivals, music, movies....the list is really endless.

6. Social Mention

social mention
Social Mention is not only a Twitter search tool. You can use Social Mention to search through blogs, bookmarks, comments, and other social Web errata - including Twitter - to find information you might not be able to find in more general search engines.

7. Spezify

Spezify is a visually-based search engine that pulls in results not only from Twitter, but from Flickr, Amazon, Yahoo, eBay, and MSN. You can specify which sites you'd like to see results from, and as your results come up, you can slide the images from side to side to find more of what you're interested in.

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