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What is Conduit?:

Conduit offers Web site publishers the ability to build free, high quality applications for Web browsers, mobile devices, and online social communities. These apps give readers and Web searchers more opportunities to interact with their favorite sites.

How Conduit Works:

Creating applications on Conduit is relatively straightforward. Web publishers and site owners simply decide what they would like to feature in an app, determine which outlet they'd like to explore (mobile apps, browser toolbars, community applications), go through the app-building wizard, and publish.

Once the application has been published, owners can choose to share and market their creations, potentially building more customer loyalty and reaching out to previously untapped markets.

Conduit Browser Applications:

Conduit's applications for Web browsers take a specific part of a website - games, image galleries, various tools, etc. - and offer it to readers as a standalone browser application that they can access from anywhere. For more about Conduit's browser apps, read Create Browser Apps.

Conduit Toolbars:

Conduit's toolbar application basically condenses anything that is offered on a Web site into toolbar format. This includes content, tools, gadgets, social media tools, and much more. Users can interact with their favorite Web sites via the toolbar, and Web site owners can interact in real time with their users. For more information, read Conduit Toolbar Benefits.

Conduit Mobile Applications:

More people are using the Mobile Web than ever before in history, and Conduit gives Web site owners and publishers the ability to connect with people on their Web-enabled devices. These mobile apps are simple to create and are available on a variety of platforms, including iPhone and Android. For more information, read Conduit Mobile Apps.


Conduit is a free service that offers Web publishers the ability to create browser applications, tool bars, and mobile apps that in turn give their readers/users more chances to interact and consume their content.

Making applications via Conduit is simple, and gives readers/users/searchers more places to interact on the Web with their favorite websites and brands.

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