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What is a Wireless Network?


Definition: A wireless network is simply a connection to the Internet via radio waves, rather than cables, wires, or landline connections. In order to access the Internet, there must be a connection. That connection can be accomplished by cables and routers (wired network), or, via radio waves and a local area network (wireless network).

A wireless network can work between computers, mobile devices, phones, laptops, or smartphones. Anything normally accessed from a cable or wire connection can usually be accessed through a wireless network.

Many people use wireless networks outside of their home or office. Connecting to these networks requires access to a "hotspot"; in other words, a wireless network offered to patrons, clients, or visitors by a business or other organization.

Wireless networks are becoming the de facto standard for many Web searchers. The benefits of using a wireless network to connect to the Internet include convenience, increased flexibility and mobility, increased security options, and low cost.

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Also Known As: wifi, hotspot

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