1. Technology

Video Search Engines

Video search engines make it easy for you to find videos on the Web.

Ten Ways to Watch Free Videos Online
Looking for something to watch? Here are ten ideas that can help you find multimedia online.

Profile of Blinkx - A Video Search Engine
Read my profile of Blinkx, a search engine that enables you to search the Web for video clips,audio clips, and more.

A Beginner's Guide to YouTube
If you've been on the Web for more than five minutes, you've probably watched a video on YouTube. Learn more about this popular video sharing site.

StumbleVideo is a new kind of online video sharing service. Learn more about StumbleVideo.

FreeTube is a site that offers a wide variety of live Web TV channels online, completely for free. Learn more about FreeTube.

A Quick Profile of Google Video
Find out more about Google Video, and find videos and short films from all over the Web.

Babelgum is a fantastic source for free, high quality, and independently made videos, music, and films. Learn more about Babelgum.

Joost is a great way to instantly watch your favorite TV and movies, all at one site. Learn more about Joost.

A Profile of SurfTheChannel
One of the most popular destinations on the Web to find free multimedia content is SurfTheChannel.

You can do more with YouTube than just watch videos
YouTube, one of the most popular video search sites on the Web, is also popular for what you can do with other than just watching those old Journey music videos.

Go back in video time with TimeTube
One of the coolest YouTube mashups I've come across lately has to be TimeTube, a site that takes your topic and finds videos for it, chronologically, starting with the first and ending with the most recent.

Make your own animated movies with Animoto
Animoto is a new service that takes your images, helps you overlay customized music, and personalizes your presentation.

Find high quality music videos at PluggedIn
PluggedIn offers thousands of really high quality music videos (a lot of them are recorded in HD format) from tons of your favorite artists.

Save Videos For Later with the YouTube Quicklist
YouTube is addictive, but what if you don't have time to watch all the videos you want to watch? Save them to your YouTube Quicklist for easy viewing later when you're able to kick back and relax.

Ten Viral Videos: Star Wars Kid, Numa Numa, and More!
Looking for something to tickle your funny bone? Here are ten viral videos that have circulated all over the Web.

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