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The Best How To Sites on the Web

Use the Web to Find the Answer to a Question


Whether you're looking for information on how to remodel a bathroom or repair a hard drive, you'll find it in my picks for the best how to sites on the Web.

1. CNET Online Courses

Free online how to classes and tutorials on everything from car technology to digital photography.

2. eHow

eHow is a treasure trove of how to information, anything from arts and entertainment to sports and fitness.

3. wikiHow

wikiHow is a giant how to manual, but since it's a wiki, anyone can add or edit the information you find here.

4. Instructables

Share what you like to make and how others can do the same at Instructables, a community driven how to site.

5. HowStuffWorks

HowStuffWorks gives you great how to explanations and tutorials - you can find how to guides on a wide variety of subjects here.

6. Make

Make magazine is a fascinating site full of how to guides, many extremely eclectic.

7. Lifehacker

Whether you're looking for help on how to reformat a hard drive, organize your notes, or stop procrastinating so much, you can probably find it at Lifehacker.

8. Wired How To Wiki

wired how to wiki
The Wired How To Wiki is a site full of technology tutorials that help you figure out how to do it yourself.

9. About.com

You can find a huge amount of how to information right here at About.com, from riding horses to digital media to relationship help.

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