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How to Use YubNub to Search the Web


YubNub is a treasury of user-submitted shortcuts that enable you to search the Web more quickly and efficiently.

YubNub is officially a "social command line for the Web", which basically means that you can create your own shortcuts for pretty much anything you've been able to search for on the Web, from a simple site search to much more complex commands. Personally, I use YubNub to execute Web searches that I find myself doing over and over and over again, such as:

  • abws: This searches the About Web Search site for anything; i.e., "abws search engines."
  • deli: Searches del.icio.us,one of my favorite social bookmarking sites on the Web.
  • digg: Searches Digg, a popular user-driven site that votes stories up or down depending on content.
  • ls: One of the most important YubNub commands; this will find you shortcuts for anything on the Web (if they've been already created).

This is just a very small sampling of what you can do with YubNub; there are literally thousands of commands that smart YubNub-ers have been creating ever since YubNub first made its appearance. Here are some of the must-have YubNub links you'll need to explore in order to start really getting the hang of what YubNub has to offer (and believe me, once you start using YubNub, you'll be amazed at how much time you can save).

  • YubNub Golden Eggs: The most useful YubNub commands; these are the ones that consistently get the most use.
  • Jeremy's Picks: A YubNub user's collection of the most useful and efficient YubNub commands.
  • Create a New Command: This is where you get to make your very own YubNub command; I made the "abws" shortcut here.
  • Install YubNub: You can install YubNub as a bookmarklet for pretty much any browser you are using.

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