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How to Access Facebook


The Facebook website is displayed on a laptop computer on May 9, 2011
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One of the most popular social networking sites on the Web today is Facebook, a site that you can use to connect with other people in your circle. However, sometimes Facebook is blocked, meaning you can't get to it from where you access the Web. This could be for many reasons:
  • The country you reside in blocks Facebook for political, cultural, or religious reasons
  • Your workplace blocks Facebook for security reasons
  • Your school or university blocks Facebook for educational reasons

Whatever what might be your situation, there are several ways you can access the site.

Try using an IP address: Don't type in "facebook.com"; try using Facebook's IP address (the numerical signature of any site on the Internet). You can locate the IP address of any site using a WHOIS tool, such as Whois Domain Tools.

Access the mobile version of the site: Facebook is accessible via m.facebook.com; this URL is available from any Web-enabled device, whether that be a computer, smartphone, or tablet device.

Use a proxy: A Web proxy basically shields your identity from any site you're trying to access, acting as a substitute IP address so your personal IP address is hidden. Anonymouse and Hide My Ass are both examples of free Web proxies.

What if I want to block other people from finding me on Facebook?

Many people have concerns about privacy on Facebook, and for good reason: the popular site is notorious for changing security settings that don't necessarily benefit the user. If you would rather not have your private Facebook information accessible to the public at large, read How to Block People From Finding You on Facebook, a quick tutorial on how to make your Facebook profile private.

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