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Torrent Search Engines: The Top Fifteen


11. ScrapeTorrent

ScrapeTorrent combines torrents from many different sites onto one convenient page; it also gives you quite a few sorting options. All torrents that are actually verified (safe for downloading) are clearly marked with icons for easy access. In addition, duplicated torrents are identified and filtered out as soon as possible, making the site even more user-friendly.

12. Fenopy

Find and share torrents with friends at Fenopy; you can also check the dead torrents list to see if your torrent stream is no good. Searchers can quickly check the tag cloud that is front and center on the home page to see what the latest torrents are; each search result page gives you vital stats on that particular torrent such as how many people are downloading and uploading it, how large the file is, what it is currently rated, and any comments from users who have previously downloaded that file.

13. Torrents.to

Browse through a nicely organized collection of torrent sites and portals at Torrents.to, an extremely user-friendly site with multiple features. Searching for files on Torrents.to is easy with simple search filters. You can also add different torrents to your Favorits on Torrents.to with just one click of an icon, see detailed analysis of each file, or download a search plugin for Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome.

14. KickAss Torrents

KickAss Torrents is probably one of the most easy to use sites in this list, certainly one of the most visually appealing. The site is arranged in an easy to use way, with tags at the top indicating the most searched for torrents, then categories with the most popular files arranged top to bottom (with RSS feeds for each one). Browse the Latest, Releases, or Community sections for the most up to date torrents and torrent information.

15. Demonoid

Demonoid may have a somewhat scary name, but it's actually a very good torrent directory/portal with a very active forum community. Not just anyone can participate here; registrations are periodically closed down to ensure that the site is functioning at top capacity. Some torrents are available to non-registered users, but to enjoy the full realm of all that Demonoid has to offer, users must watch for a chance to register and become part of the Demonoid community.
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