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What is YouTorrent?:

YouTorrent serves as an easy to use platform for distribution of large files, using the BitTorrent protocol for doing so. Torrent technology makes it possible to share very large files, including multimedia files, with a large amount of people very quickly by distributing small pieces to a "swarm" of users, uploading and downloading all at the same time, sharing the load.

Searching for Torrents on YouTorrent:

YouTorrent is simple to use. Just enter in the topic that you're looking for in the search box, i.e., "basketball", and you'll receive a list of results.

You can narrow your initial search by clicking on the YouTorrent tabs: All, Music, Video, TV, Movies, Games, Software, Books, or Other.

Once you get your page(s) of search results back, you can further narrow your results with the links at the top each search results page, ordering them by relevance, number of downloads, date added, how many seeds and peers that file has (seeds are torrent users who have only part of the intended file, while peers are torrent users who have the complete intended file), and size of file.

Downloading Torrents on YouTorrent:

YouTorrent does not host the files that you find on their site, they merely point you to where you can download them. Therefore, in order to download the torrents you want, just click on the specific search result that meets your needs.


YouTorrent is a simple to use torrent search portal that gives users the ability to find, share, and download all sorts of multimedia, from music to video, using BitTorrent peer to peer file-sharing technology.

Finding torrent files at YouTorrent can be done in several different ways:

  • By keyword search
  • Viewing all torrents at the same time (not necessarily the most intuitive way to find what you're looking for)
  • Searching through the main categories: TV, Music, Games, and Movies
  • Browsing the featured torrents on the main index page
  • Tracking the most recently downloaded torrents (also featured on the main page)

Before you download a file you find at YouTorrent, you'll need to install a torrent client, which is a simple piece of software that streamlines the entire downloading/uploading process and organizes your downloads on your computer at the same time.

Using YouTorrent is completely legal. However, some files on YouTorrent are copyrighted. Copyright law in the United States and other countries (excluding Canada) puts downloading these torrent files at risk for legal action, including lawsuits. Please use common sense and know your local laws before downloading copyrighted files.

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