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What is LimeWire?:

LimeWire is an extremely popular peer to peer file sharing program that runs on the Gnutella network and uses BitTorrent technology.

How does Limewire work?:

Users download LimeWire onto their computers. After the program has been installed, the user chooses a folder on their hard drive that content (movies, music, books, etc.) can be shared with other LimeWire users; this file will also be used to download files from other users on the LimeWire network. In order to find a file using LimeWire, the user types a search query into the LimeWire software client,and LimeWire searches user folders to find relevant results.

Is LimeWire free?:

The basic download of LimeWire is free (LimeWire Basic). LimeWire Pro asks for a monthly fee and gives users virus protection, faster downloads, and a higher rate of peer to peer connections (see LimeWire pricing for more information).

Is LimeWire safe?:

LimeWire is a software client that runs on a peer to peer file-sharing network, and does not therefore actually screen any of the content that it comes across. Therefore, LimeWire asks users to use their best judgment when downloading content, and also suggests having a good antivirus program in place. LimeWire users can also configure their file sharing settings to higher safety options.

Is LimeWire illegal?:

LimeWire is simply a file-sharing program, and is absolutely legal, as are torrent search engines and torrent clients. However, many of the files shared and uploaded via LimeWire are copyrighted and therefore illegal to share and distribute.


LimeWire is a popular peer to peer file sharing program used to share, upload, and distribute content on the Web. LimeWire is free to use (LimeWire Basic), but also offers a paid version (LimeWire Pro) that promises faster download speeds and more peer to peer connections. LimeWire should be used with caution, as some files are infected with spyware. LimeWire is absolutely legal to use and install; however, using LimeWire to download or share copyrighted files is illegal in most countries.

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