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Use Google Toolbar to Fill Out Forms Online

Fill Out Forms Online with Google Toolbar


Did you know that you can use Google Toolbar to automatically fill out forms for you online? Yep - it's quick and easy to configure.

Google Toolbar and Forms - How To

  • First, you'll want to download Google Toolbar. It's a free download, and great for all sorts of things other than filling out forms: instant Google search, bookmark availability, sharing your searches, and much more.
  • Once you have Google Toolbar installed, navigate to the Options button.
  • Click on the AutoFill box.
  • Click on AutoFill Settings.
  • Okay, here's where you'll put in the information that you would like Google Toolbar to fill in automatically for you when you hit an online form. You do NOT have to fill in all of the blank fields here; only the ones that you specifically would like Google Toolbar to insert automatically for you (for instance, I put in my name and address, but not my phone number).
  • Last, but not least, you'll want to click the box that says Highlight fields on Web pages..... This tells Google Toolbar that you're giving it the green light to auto-fill forms with the information you just gave it.
  • Click OK. And that's it! Next time you come to a form online, click the Autofill button on your Google Toolbar and the form will be filled out automatically for you. Neat!

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