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Mobile Search Engines: Seven You Need to Try


People all over the world are using the Web every day - to shop, to search, and to communicate. We're not tethered to our desktop computers anymore, either; we're using phones, tablets, and other easy to use devices to get where we want to go online. Here are seven search engines that offer a mobile alternative and are easy to use.

1. Google

Google's mobile search option is a lean version of the Google we all know and love, offering quick results with the option to search locally, for images, maps, and much more.

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2. Clusty

Clusty's mobile search offers a great user experience, with their useful clustered search options front and center. You'll get results from Wikipedia, images, and news with your search queries, as well as targeted Web links.

3. Yahoo

Yahoo's mobile search offers an interesting search experience - you have the option of looking at mobile Web-enabled sites OR PC-enabled sites (mobile sites render differently basically because of space constrictions), as well as targeted local results.

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4. USA.gov

If you need to look up government resources while you're out and about, then USA.gov's mobile search engine is what you want. A simple search for "president" retrieved a list of FAQ's, government Web results, images, and news, with the option to search more specifically in any of these sections.

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5. YouTube

You're going to want to make sure you have a robust battery before checking out YouTube, because it will eat up a lot of resources. However, if you're wanting to watch the latest videos, YouTube is always a good choice.

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6. Twitter

While Twitter is used primarily as a microblogging application, it's starting to morph into a legitimate search destination (learn how to search Twitter with Twitter search operators).

7. Amazon

Search for deals on the go with Amazon; this comes in handy especially when you want to compare prices online and offline. This easy to use app makes it as easy as possible to shop and purchase items with a minimum of clicks.

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