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Social Bookmarking

Learn more about social bookmarking and how social bookmarking can make your Web searches more effective.

What is Social Bookmarking?
Learn about social bookmarking and how you can make it work for you on the Web, from About Web Search.

Presenting: delicious 2.0 (finally!)
If you're a delicious user, you'll be happy to know that none of your favorite features have changed one bit....it's just a new look, and it's even easier (and more powerful!) to use now.

Save your Web pages with Iterasi
Iterasi is a new service that not only saves the URL in your carefully crafted cache of content, but saves the Web page itself; a virtual snapshot of the last time you visited it, with all the tweaks, changes, or additions you made still there and ready to be accessed.

Social Bookmarking: Five Sites To Help You Find Great Content
Find something new to read, engaging to watch, or funny to laugh at with this short collection of social bookmarking sites.

How To Use del.icio.us
del.icio.us is a great social bookmarking tool that allows you to tag and share your favorite Web sites with fellow del.icio.us users all over the world.

Furl - Save and Share Your Favorite Web Sites
Furl is a free social bookmarking service that allows you to save the fun stuff you find on the Web. Learn more about Furl.

Find something you want to read and save it for later with Instapaper, a simple, no frills approach to bookmarking the Web.

Digg-Find Popular Sites, See What's Buzzworthy
I've been using the site Digg for a while now, and the more I visit Digg the more I appreciate it. Basically it's a social bookmarking site with a bit more usability and general mass appeal than other social bookmarking sites out there; you can browse the front page Digg stories, search for stories you'd like to read, or submit a new story....read more

One of my favorite ways to explore the Web is using Stumbleupon, a unique bookmarking service. Find out more about Stumbleupon.

Digg Tools
While Digg does have a couple of fun tools to play with, the best ones exist elsewhere on the Web. Read more to find more Digg tools.

Reddit - Discover the Web with Reddit
Reddit is a unique social bookmarking and social networking service that offers several Reddit subnetworks for different subjects: science, celebrity news, etc. Learn more about Reddit and how to use it.

The Lazy Man's (or Woman's) Shortcut to Finding Good Content
The Web is a big place - we're all pretty aware of that by now. Fortunately, there are some smart folks out there who figured out how to put a whole bunch of really great news and content sites on one convenient page. The name for this timesaver? A content aggregator.

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