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Consumer Reviews: Five Sources


You've probably had a bad shopping experience on the Web; if not, then the chances are that you will in the future. The average consumer will have at least one time where they will purchase something that

  • doesn't work
  • broke in transit
  • receive something that is not what was originally ordered
and the list goes on and on. Maybe you've also had buyer's remorse after purchasing something you thought was going to be a good deal, but just wasn't. In order to be an informed consumer and shop safely on the Web, shoppers should check out consumer reviews, consumer reports, and consumer guides.

Consumer Reports on the Web

  • Amazon.com: Amazon has an excellent ratings system and I've found it to be invaluable for checking something out before I buy it.
  • Epinions.com: See what other people are saying about what you're considering buying.
  • Better Business Bureau: You can search for the business you're wanting to purchase from and see what their history is.
  • Consumer Reports: Search reports, ratings, and recommendations.
  • PlanetFeedback.com. This is where you go AFTER the horrible situations happen.

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