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How To Find Flight Information Online


There's an easy way to find flight information online in Google: simply type in the airport's three letter code followed by the word "airport" (find out your airport's three letter code using Mapping.com). For instance:

pdx airport

You'll see a blurb that says "View conditions at Portland International (PDX), Portland, Oregon"; click on it and you'll get airport status information, such as weather conditions, general flight delays, etc.

You can also check the status of a specific flight. Just type the name of the airline into Google's search box followed by the flight number. For example:

american 123

Once you enter in this query, Google will bring back flight information ("Track status of American Airlines flight 123 on Travelocity - Expedia - fboweb.com").

Yahoo also offers flight tracking information; go to Yahoo Travel and you'll not only be able to track specific flights, but if you do not know the airline and flight number, Yahoo helps you narrow your flight down by departure and arrival times, as well as destination and origination.

There are also quite a few sites that will track your flight for you in much greater detail if you need it; these include:

  • Flytecomm: for your mobile device; you can track flights all over the United States.
  • FlightView: lots of fun travel trackers here including a map of departures.
  • FAA Flight Delay Information: general air traffic conditions from the Federal Aviation Administration; wave your mouse over any of the airports on the map and get general flight conditions for that airport.

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