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How to Find a Website

Learn How to Find a Website Quickly and Easily


How do you find a website? There are many different ways you can find a website.

Use a search engine.

What is a Search Engine? | What Do Search Engines Search? | How to Pick a Search Engine

Search engines make it very easy for you to find a website. In fact, most Web browsers have a search engine input field built in so you don't even have to go to the search engine home page in order to do your search. Just type in the term you are looking for in your browser's input field (usually found on the top right-hand side) and you'll be taken to a search results page, where you can pick the most relevant result for your query.

You can also go directly to a search engine home page, i.e., Google, and do your search from there (for more information on how to use Google effectively, try Google Search Overview or Google Cheat Sheet.

Use a Web directory.

What is a Web Directory? | The Open Directory Project | Mahalo | Yahoo Directory

If you're not sure of the website you're looking for, but you know what topic or category you'd like to search under, then using a Web directory is a good choice. Web directories are organized by subject and provide a categorical drill-down of Websites. Most directories are human-edited,so the chances are good you'll find some good websites this way.

Refine your searches.

Web Search Basics | Web Search Made Simple | Seven Habits of Highly Effective Web Searchers

Many beginning searchers make the mistake of either being too specific with their searches, or not specific enough.

For example, if you're looking for pizza restaurants in San Francisco, merely typing in the word "pizza" will not get you what you want - it's not specific enough!

Instead, you would type in "pizza San Francisco"; this search query will be MUCH more effective. For more on how to refine your searches, try reading The Top Ten Google Search Tricks or The Top Ten Web Search Tricks.

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