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Ten Search Engine Optimization Myths - Debunked!

What NOT To Believe About Search Engine Optimization


If you're just getting started in search engine optimization for your Web site, you might (unfortunately) have been subjected to a few search engine optimization whoppers. Before you start throwing away your time and money on any search engine optimization wild goose chases, read these ten myths of search engine optimization, and avoid problems before you get going.

1. Search engine optimization is too difficult to understand for regular people.

Not so. The basics of a good search engine optimization strategy will equip you with what you need to make your site succeed in the search engine listings, as well as attract new readers who are looking for what you're offering. Sure, there are some complicated topics in search engine optimization, just like anything else. But once you have the basics under your belt, you’ll be well prepared to optimize your site. Read Ten Steps of Search Engine Optimization to get a good feel for what the basics of search engine optimization is all about.

2.There’s too much for me to learn about optimizing my site. I’ll never catch up.

Again, not so. Search engine optimization is just like any other subject. You wouldn’t expect to learn everything there is about the War of 1812 by watching one PBS documentary, would you? Search engine optimization is much the same. Just learn the basics and move on from there. You’ll be surprised at how much more comfortable you feel once you’ve learned the core concepts. Read Search Engine Optimization 101 to get a short and sweet definition of what optimizing your site really means.

3.Once I submit my Web site to search engines, I've got it made.

Not quite. In fact, submitting your site to search directories or search engines does not guarantee instant success. The act of submitting your site does not guarantee that you will now receive more hits, or suddenly shoot up to the top of the heap in the search results. Site submission just tells the world that you are out there and ready to be visited. It's just one part of the website optimization process, and one that frankly isn't even all that necessary anymore.For more information, read Should I Submit My Site To Search Engines?, or The Basics of Site Submission.

4.Search engine optimization just takes up too much time.

Not really. Again, the core of good search engine optimization is very basic. It just means you need to have a different point of view when writing your content, creating your source code, and designing your site’s look. You’re already spending time doing all these things, so if you optimize your site for your visitors and the search engines, you’re really only helping yourself in the end. Read When Will I Start Seeing Results? and The Top Five Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization to get more information.

5.I need to submit my site to at least 1,000 search engines...right?

This is probably one of the most tired search engine optimization myths out there today. First of all, where are these 1,000 or so search engines? Anyone who asks for money to submit your site to this many search engines is not going to be doing you any favors. Read Should I Pay For Site Submission? to get more information, or check out The Basics of Submitting Your Site, Yahoo Site Submission, or Submitting Your Site to Google - Should You Do It?.

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