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Five Different Types of Feed Readers

Which one works for you?


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All feed readers (What Is A RSS Feed?) are created pretty much the same way; they make it possible for you to quickly scan headlines and/or full stories at a glance, from a variety of different providers, all in one place.

There are a variety of feed readers available to you for free on the Web that fall into five distinct categories, depending on how you want to read your feeds. Here they are:

Web-based Feed Readers

If you want to read all your feeds from within your browser, you want a Web-based feed reader (these are the most convenient and easy to set up). Examples of Web-based feed readers are Bloglines, Google Reader, My Yahoo, and NewsGator.

Desktop Feed Readers

If you want to read all your feeds separate from your browser, and have something actually installed onto your system, you want a desktop feed reader. These usually come with more powerful features than the Web-based feed readers, but are definitely for the more technologically advanced crowd. Examples of desktop feed readers are BlogBridge, RSS Bandit, and FeedDemon for Windows.

Browser Built-In Feed Readers

There are some browsers out there on the market that come with baked-in feed readers; there are also a ton of extensions and plug-ins that provide this functionality for you. Examples of browser built-in feed readers would be Firefox’s Live Bookmarks, Opera, and Internet Explorer 7. These are the three most easy to use browsers for baked in feeds.

Email-Based Feed Readers

If you would like all of your feeds delivered to you via email, you’re going to want to check out an email-based feed reader. Examples of email-based feed readers are Mozilla Thunderbird, Newsgator Inbox, and Google Alerts. You can adjust the rate of emails you get with each one of these email-based feed readers.

Mobile Feed Readers

More and more, people are getting their Web search content as they’re out and about through a variety of mobile devices. If you are one of these people, you might want to check out one of these feed readers/access services made especially for mobile devices: Yahoo Mobile, Google Mobile, and AOL Mobile.

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