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What is the most searched for topic on the Internet?


Question: What is the most searched for topic on the Internet?
Many people are interested in what other people are searching for on the Internet, along with popular searches over a period of time. How do you find the most searched for topics on the Internet, and how do you find what people are searching for online over a period of weeks, months, or even years?
Answer: There are a few ways you can find what topics people are searching for on the Internet.

What are the top search words on the Web?: There are a number of ways you can get an idea of what other people are looking for online.

The Top 25 Web Searches of the Decade: This is a compilation of the top Internet searches over the past ten years.

The Top Twenty YouTube Videos of All Time: A showcase of the most popular videos on YouTube as measured by page views (all of them garnered at least a million page views!).

The Top Ten Web Sites of the Decade: These are the sites that the most people were searching for and visiting over the past ten years.

How to Find the Most Popular Searches on the Web: Many search engines keep track of what the most popular searches are in their databases, and here's how you can find that information.

Use Aggregators to Find the Most Popular Content: See what the most popular sites are as selected by a large group of people.

Popular Tags on Flickr: Browse the most popular tags on Flickr, the Web's most popular digital image sharing site.

Social Bookmarking Sites: Here are the most popular social bookmarking sites; these are a great way to figure out what the most shared, most popular pieces of content and/or multimedia are in real time.

Six Ways You Can Use the Real Time Web: Here are six tools you can use to mine the real time Web for the most popular content at any time.

Technorati: Technorati keeps track of the most popular content on the millions of blogs that are currently online.

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