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Nine Ways to Find a Map on the Web


Need a map? How about driving directions, an atlas, help with planning a walking route, or an auction close to you? In this article, we'll take a look at nine different ways you can find a map online.

1. Map Search with the Map Machine

map machine
National Geographic's Map Machine is a gigantic collection of all the National Geographic maps in a searchable online database.

2. Maps Online

Whether you're planning a road trip or just want to practice your geography skills, there are plenty of great online maps on the Web.

3. World Time Zone Maps

world time zones
Find out what time it is in every time zone in the world with the help of the World Wide Web.

4. Google Maps

google maps
Some very talented people have put together a variety of fun Google maps using the free Google Map API. Here are just a few of the Google Map sites I was able to find on the Web.

5. MapQuest Directions

One of the most useful sites on the Web is Mapquest, a great place to get driving directions, plan a road trip, and more.

6. Find eBay Auctions Near Your with AuctionMapper

AuctionMapper is an extremely cool search engine that focuses only on eBay auctions. Sure, eBay has it's own site search; but AuctionMapper takes that site search and goes a few steps further.

7. MapQuest Search Cheat Sheet

Use these search shortcuts for better MapQuest driving directions and more intuitive MapQuest maps.

8. MapQuest Road Trip Planner

MapQuest has added a new useful feature - the Multi-stop Route Builder - that allows you to plan a road trip with multiple stops.

9. Local Search

local maps
Some of the most interesting sites and search engines making their debuts today are those that are focused on local search, whehter that be local real estate, local weather, or local news. Here are just a few of the local search sites that I've come across lately that can help you find local maps, local driving directions, local reviews on businesses, and more.

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