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Back to School Web Guide for Students

The Most Useful Resources on the Web for Students of All Ages


Whether you're headed back to school yourself or know kids that are on their way, I've compiled a list of some of the more helpful resources here at About Web Search that will help you go back to school ahead of the class.

1. How To Evaluate a Web Source

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Fiction and reality are not the same thing, but on the Web, it's getting increasingly hard to tell the difference. Find out how to evaluate a Web source before you cite it in an academic or research project.


How do I cite an article?: When writing a paper and using sources from the Web, there are a few things you need to know. Keep these tips in mind when citing Internet sources.

2. Find an Answer with Answers.com

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Answers.com is an innovative way to find answers on the Web, without searching for them. Instead of going to your favorite search engine and typing in a query, then sorting through various links to find the answer that you are looking for, Answers.com "displays quick, snapshot answers with concise, reliable information."

More answer search engines:

Question and Answer Search Engines - Ask a Question, Get an Answer: If you're looking for a specific topic with a relatively narrow focus, question and answer search engines might just be what you're looking for.

3. Google Cheat Sheet

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Here are the top Google Shortcuts that any savvy Googler should have under his or her belt. You'll find that using these Google Search Shortcuts will greatly cut down on your Google search time, as well as make your Google searches more effective and more efficient.

More help with Google:

Twenty Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Google: Google is the most popular search engine on the Web, but many people don't realize the full extent of what they can do with it. Find out more about the wide variety of Google search options that you have, and learn twenty things you didn't know you could with the seemingly limitless power of Google search available to you.

4. The Best Reference Sites on the Web

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Whether you're looking for the average rainfall in the Amazon rainforest, researching Roman history, or just having fun learning to find information, you'll get some great help using my list of the best research and reference sites on the Web.

More reference resources:

Reference Search Engines: Tighten up your online research with these reference-specific search engines.

47 Alternatives to Wikipedia: Here are 47 Wikipedia alternatives you can use to find information, research a paper, get quick answers, and much more.

5. A Beginners Guide to the Web

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Searching the Web can be overwhelming to Web search beginners who don't know where to start, what's the best stuff to look at, or even how to navigate the Web successfully. In this beginners' guide, I'll get you up to speed quickly so you'll feel comfortable and confident on the Web.

More Web search resources: Web Search 101: The Basics: In order to search the Web more effectively, there are a few basic skills that you need to learn to make your searches less frustrating and more successful. Here are the top ten basic Web search skills that you need to have.

6. Free Books on the Web

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Read books free online with this list of the best sites to find free books; you'll be able to find anything from science fiction to archival works to classical literature here.

More free books:

Free Audio Books: If you're looking for free audio books, the web is the best place to find them. There are plenty of sites that offer free audio books that are in the public domain. You can download these stories directly onto your computer and put them on your iPod or other mobile device, burn them onto a CD to listen to in the car, etc.

7. The Ultimate Search Engine List

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All-purpose search engines, visual search engines, people search engines...you'll find all these and more in this list of search engines, a comprehensive guide to the best search engines on the Web.

More about search engines:

How to Pick a Search Engine: Not sure which search engine is best for your needs? Go through this question and answer article to figure out which search engine fits best.

8. Online Tools

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If you're looking for a list of the most useful Web tools, you've come to the right place. Here are my picks for the best tools on the Web for anyone who is looking to boost their productivity.

More Web tools:

The Best Writing Tools on the Web: If you're looking for tools to help you with your writing, the Web is a great place to start. Here are just a few of the incredibly useful writing tools you can find on the Web.

9. How to Find Free Movies and Videos

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You'll be able to find nearly any multimedia production available on the Web with this comprehensive guide. Everything from videos to television to full-length movies is included here.

More multimedia resources:

The Ultimate Guide to Torrent Search: Get everything you need on BitTorrent search, BitTorrent files, BitTorrent clients, and more in one place in the Ultimate Guide to Torrent Search on the Web.

10. How to Be Safe on the Web

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Search engines can and do keep records of searches - here's a few ways you can keep your searching history private.

More search privacy resources:

How to Unblock Blocked Sites: At some point in your Web travels, you're probably going to come up against a site that has been blocked from access, for whatever reason. Here are a few ways you can open up those blocked sites.

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