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How to Find Time Sensitive Information on the Web

Use the Web to Find Timely Information


Depending on the nature of your research project, you might need information that is relatively new; i.e., current news. Let’s look at different sources you can tap into to find all kinds of timely information.

I need information that is up to the minute. You can’t get much more current than Google News ; their index is updated at least every fifteen minutes. Then there’s Topix, a news aggregator with in-depth information from over 360,000 sources at the time of this writing. Yahoo News is also frequently updated, but they don’t have as many sources to draw from as Google News and Topix.

I need information that is relatively recent. For more in-depth coverage on information that is relatively new (say one month), you’ll want to check out Yahoo Full Coverage, a compendium of story hubs categorized by general subject. Google News allows you to filter news coverage by the last hour, the last day, the past week, the past month, and then you can dive into the Google News Archives to further refine your search.

I need to find time-focused historical information. Again I would suggest Google News Archives, but there’s also HyperHistory , a visual timeline of historical events, and American History’s Today In History, where you can search not only for the current day’s worth of information, but also the archival database.

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