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MagPortal, a Magazine Article Search Engine



NOTE: As of February 2009, MagPortal no longer provides magazine search, and instead has evolved into a service that provides "headline feeds with full-text article search (that) allow your site users to find magazine articles on topics tailored for your website".

What is MagPortal?

MagPortal is a great research tool that enables the user to find magazine articles on the Web from a variety of different publications. You can use the MagPortal search engine to research a particular query, or you can browse the MagPortal categories to get a feel for a particular subject. MagPortal indexes a long list of magazines, and most of the content from these magazines are all available within MagPortal (sometimes certain date issues might be missing or publishers might not make all articles available online).

How to Use MagPortal to Find a Magazine Article

Using MagPortal to find magazine articles is simple. You can search by keyword or keyword phrase, or you can browse by category. The drop-down menu allows you to search by quality of match (word relevance), date, publication, or category as well.

MagPortal Magazine Article Search

Here's an example of a search: web search on MagPortal brought back a lot of great articles; in a generic search engine, this same search would have had me combing through a lot of dross to get to the gold. Search results have a link to the originating magazine or site, with a short annotation of the link below. To the left, you'll see the name of the actual magazine or site, with the date the article was written and the author's name.

MagPortal Icons-Save Articles, Annotate Articles, Similar Articles

You'll see a few icons while searching for magazine articles on MagPortal. The yellow tack is for marking the article so you can easily find it later; you can also give it your own annotation (great tool for students or researchers who need to keep track of multiple sources). In addition, MagPortal fixes dead links, so if you mark an article and the URL changes, your article will still be there. You'll have to sign up for a free MagPortal account in order to access this feature.

The next icon you'll see a little orange wave. Click this and you'll be directed to MagPortal's choices for similar articles in your search. This is just another way to broaden your search and you'll be able to find even more good stuff this way. For more detailed information on how MagPortal's search engine works, you can read their somewhat technical How Does the Search Engine Work? information; basically, it's a description of how MagPortal retrieves results.

MagPortal Extras

In addition to the magazine article search engine, MagPortal offers a few options for site owners, including news feeds, stock charts, tables, SEC filings, and scrolling tickers, and the MagPortal affiliate program.

MagPortal also offers various newsletter subscriptions. In order to cut out spam, you'll have to wait for a verification code, but I found that this took a whopping 10 seconds and then I was able to sign up for a variety of interesting newsletters, including Hot Articles and free RSS data feeds.

Why Should I Use MagPortal?

MagPortal is a goldmine of magazine articles, and it's an invaluable resource for research. Students, researches, or just the casual Web surfer will find a lot of value in MagPortal.

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