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FindArticles, an Article Search Engine

Search Through Articles, Publications, Journals with FindArticles



Note: As of April 2010, FindArticles is no longer offering search services.

What is FindArticles?

FindArticles, a property of LookSmart, is a search engine dedicated to finding articles "from leading academic, industry and general interest publications." It's an invaluable tool for the casual and advanced Web searcher.

How to Use FindArticles

You can search for articles on FindArticles in a variety of different ways. First, there's the ubiquitous search query bar; you can use the drop-down menu right next to it to narrow down your search by categories (Arts and Entertainment, Health and Fitness, Computers and Technology, etc.).

FindArticles recognizes phrases if you put quotes around them - "cheese doodles", for example. In addition, you can check out FindArticles' Advanced Search to make your search even more refined; this allows you to search between published dates, search specific collections, and more.

You can also browse through the different categories on FindArticles - this is duplicated from the drop-down menu right next to the search query bar. Find magazines by topic within these categories, or look through specific titles of journals, newspapers, magazines, etc. by category.

FindArticles Special Features

If you find that use FindArticles frequently (and I think you will once you check it out), you're going to want to use FindArticles' sister site - Furl - to bookmark articles you like, save them, and access them from any computer (as well as send them to other people). Furl is a great timesaver - it's basically a well-organized online library that you as the user create.

Why Should I Use FindArticles?

I can think of three reasons:
  • Easy and relevant. FindArticles is simple to use, and delivers solid results with a minimum of tweaking.
  • Deep search capability. You can access full-text articles that you can't find using other search engines.
  • It's (mostly) free. Most of what you can search through on FindArticles costs nothing; but there are a few paid-access articles (clearly marked).

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