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Family History Search: Research Your Family Tree With Free Web Resources


Researching one's ancestry is an incredibly popular activity. With the advent of the vast informational resources available to us on the Web, finding information on family can be a vastly more streamlined, efficient task. The following resources can help you look up information on your own family members online, or, give you a good lead to go on as you use other sources.

1. Google

One of the absolute best places on the Web to start your search for family is Google. Google can help you find background information, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and much more. More advanced search options can help you find maps, locate scholarly papers, or read archived newspaper articles.

2. Focused search engines

Search engines are able to index and retrieve an astonishing amount of information, and with niche search engines - search engines that focus on one specific subject - they become even more useful. These people search engines can potentially track down all sorts of useful family search-related information.

3. The Invisible Web

The Invisible Web is a treasure trove of information for really extensive, detailed searches, and since the Invisible Web is larger by far than the parts of the Web we can access with a simple search engine query, there's potentially much more content available in which to search.

4. Obituaries

Obituaries are tricky to find online, since most newspapers do not publish digital archives of their papers on the Web. However, you can use the Web to get your obituary search started, both on the Web or off.

5. Specialized informational directories

There are a lot of websites out there that promise a lot of information for a small(ish) fee; however, the sites in this resource offer information that is publicly available for absolutely no money whatsoever. Phone numbers, business information, and much more can be found with these focused informational resources.

6. Public Records

The Web is a good place to find free public record search databases online, from obituaries to census records. Most public records that have anything to do with public notices (such as a land purchase or a divorce) can be found at least in part online.

7. Family information records

Tracking down a genealogy is one of the most popular activities on the Web, and there are search engines that you can use to find public records, uncover information, and track down family members.

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