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Find Vital Records at VitalRec.com


Vital Records

What is VitalRec.com?:

VitalRec is one of the most comprehensive sites for locating vital records on the Web. This site offers links to every state, county, and town records office, with useful information on what you'll need to either request records online or show up at the office itself.

How can I find what I'm looking for?:

VitalRec does not link directly to vital records. However, VitalRec links directly to each state's information on EXACTLY how to obtain vital records: birth certificates, death notices, marriage records, and more. With that in mind, using VitalRec.com as a starting point in your records searches can obviously save you a tremendous amount of time and effort. To find information on how to obtain vital records, you can browse the States & Territories, or the International Records section. Each state and country's page has plenty of information on how to obtain vital records for that particular region; plus, VitalRec has a detailed set of guidelines for ordering these records with all the information you need to include in your request.

Why should I use this site?:

VitalRec.com puts all the information you need to find vital records in one convenient place. Instead of trying to find individual state, county, or town records offices in the phone book, this comprehensive directory gives you direct access to exactly what you're looking for, with practical instructions on what you'll need in person, on the phone, or via email when requesting the records you need. If you're doing any sort of genealogical research, VitalRec.com can make your hunt much more enjoyable simply by cutting down on the amount of administrative work you'll have to do in order to find and receive birth, death, marriage, or divorce records.

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