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How to search for someone's birthday


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Question: How to search for someone's birthday

A reader writes in: "How do I find out when someone's birthday is?"

Answer: Finding someone's birthday is not as easy as you might think, mostly because birthdays are are part of your personal information that you don't want to necessarily share on the Web. However, you can certainly use the Web's resources to track down who you are looking for.

Social networking sites are probably the first resource that you can check for a birthday. In fact, with just an email address, you can find someone on Facebook and access what they've posted publicly online.

Search for Someone with Google: A simple Google search can bring back a surprising amount of information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and birthdays.

Fifteen Specific People Search Engines: Search engines are great, but there are specialized search engines you can use to track someone down. A Step by Step Guide to Finding Someone Online: If you're not successful tracking down a birthday, this step by step guide can help you walk through finding little pieces of information all over the Web.


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