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Do a free people search online with free people search engines, free people search locator tools, and check out my review of good free people search sites.
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  5. Free Public Records Online (14)

Free People Search with Google
Use Google to find people on the Web using a variety of Google search methods: you can find phone numbers, maps, driving directions, satellite imagery, and more.

Top Ten Free Public Records Search Sites
If you're looking for public records, the Web can be a fantastically useful resource. Learn how to find all sorts of public records online, from birth records to addresses to phone numbers; even background checks, family searches, and genealogy investigations.

How to Find a Cell Phone Number Using Free Online Resources
A cell phone number can be notoriously difficult to track down, simply because the majority of cell phone numbers are not listed in public phone directories. However, there are a few sneak Web tricks you can use to get around this restriction.

How to Find Someone Online
Need to find someone online? With all the new Web sites available to help you find someone online, people are finding surprising tidbits of information about their co-workers, loved ones, and friends that often don't turn up in a simple Web search. None of the following sites will give you information that isn't publicly available, but they will give it to you all in one place.

How to Find People with Yahoo
Yahoo is one of the most popular destinations on the Web. Learn how to leverage Yahoo to find someone you're looking for.

How to Find Information On Someone's Death
Learn how you can research information online to ascertain if someone you know has passed away, including obituaries, death records, or historical resources.

How to search for someone's birthday
If you're trying to research a birthday, the Web can be a helpful resource.

How to Look Up Your Family History On The Web - For Free
Many people enjoy putting together family histories as a way to preserve fond memories, ancestral links, and create an heirloom for those after them. Here are a few Web resources that can help you make this hobby even more enjoyable.

Ten Free Tools to Find People Online
Need to find someone? The Web is your number one most valuable resource. Here are ten online tools approved by About.com that can make finding whomever you're looking for a snap.

How to Use Reverse Search Logic to Find Something Online
Sometimes, going backwards is what you need in order to move forward. That's what a reverse Web search is all about! Learn what a reverse search is and how you can apply this specific technique to several different Web search scenarios.

How to Search for Criminals In Your Neighborhood
Scope out a potential neighborhood ahead of time with Family Watchdog's free sex offender registry.

How To Remove Your Personal Data from People Search Websites
Privacy is important. Learn how you can take steps to guard your online security and remove your information from ten of the most popular people search sites.

How Do I Remove My Information I Find Online?
Have you found personal data online that you're uncomfortable with? Share your story with others, and get advice on how to remove it.

Death Records, Obituaries, and How To Find Them Online
Death records and obituary information can be found on the Web, either in part or as a jumping-off point for further research offline.

Reverse Lookup
Search for phone numbers, addresses, or last names with a reverse lookup phone directory.

Learn How to Find Someone with Free Online Courses
Need some help making your Web searches as efficient as possible? Pick one of the free online courses available at About Web Search and watch your Web search skills improve in no time at all!

Find People Online: Free Online Course Roundup
The following list of articles cover all the topics discussed in How to Find People for Free on the Web, a free online course offered here at About Web Search.

Should I Pay to Find People Online?

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