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Auction Websites

Six online auction websites you can use to find a good deal on anything!


If you're looking for a good deal, you'll find one with online auction websites. Cars, jewelry, clothing, books, and much more are all available at bargain prices at these sites, with amazing variety and choice. Collectors - from Star Wars to Disney - will also appreciate these online auction websites, since it's a great way to increase your collection without breaking the bank.

1. eBay

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eBay is one of the oldest auction sites online, and offers a huge array of auction items, anything from diamonds to used clothes to real estate. Buyers can bid or buy instantly, and sellers can use eBay to get rid of unwanted items.

2. ShopGoodwill

GoodWill is a non-profit organization that operates retail stores to raise money for people with disabilities. Their online auction site, ShopGoodwill, is a collaborative effort from GoodWill stores all across the United States, and provides a wonderful variety of all sorts of things, from cameras to tools to sports equipment.

3. Listia

Instead of using cash bidding, Listia offers users "credits", and the items are all technically free. Listia users list something they don't want anymore, then other Listia users bid on it using credits they earn from referring friends or selling their own merchandise, and then the user with the most credits wins the item.

4. uBid

uBid offers leftover inventory from brand names (Sony, Dell, etc.), and since the inventory is discounted, if you're lucky, you'll find a really good deal.

5. GovDeals

GovDeals is the official portal to government auctions, which range from land to computers to cars.

6. Property Room

There is an amazing amount of goods seized in in the course of law enforcement, and Property Room aims to make that all available via public police auctions.

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