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2013 About Web Search Readers' Choice Nominations

Nominate your favorite sites in nine different categories!


The 2013 About Web Search Readers' Choice Awards were open for nominations in a variety of categories, ranging from Music to Kids to Reference. Nominations are now closed. The nomination period was open from January 14, 2013 to February 11, 2013. Voting begins February 19 and runs through March 19. Vote for your favorite site now! Winners have been announced! See here: And the winners of the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards are....

1. Best Search Engine

Is there a search engine that you use on a daily basis? One that delivers consistent, reliable, fast results? Nominate your favorite search engine for inclusion in the About.com Readers' Choice Awards.

2. Best Reference Site

A good reference site should offer a wide range of information, be completely reliable, and offer verifiable results. If you have a favorite in mind that fulfills all these requirements and more, please nominate your favorite reference site.

3. Best Movie and Video Site

There are a lot of great movie and video sites on the Web, but not all are created equal. Do you have a movie/video site or search engine that offers a wide selection of content, fast delivery, with consistently high quality? Nominate your favorite movie/video site.

4. Best Kids' Site

More kids are on the Web than ever before in history, and there are a lot of Web sites that cater specifically to families. Do you have a site that you love to visit with your children? One that offers great content, solves a problem, or is just a lot of fun? Nominate your favorite family and kids site.

5. Best Shopping Site

Shopping on the Web is one of the most popular activities recorded online. Do you have a favorite shopping site; one with great bargains, eclectic offerings, or fantastic selection? Nominate your favorite shopping site.

6. Best Music Site

Internet radio stations, streaming music, customized musical dashboards, oh my! Do you have a favorite music site, one that you can listen to music, learn about music, or track your favorite musical artists? Nominate your favorite music site.

7. Best Social Site

Social media sites are the hottest properties on the Web. People use them to connect, chat, talk, email, etc., and their popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. Do you have a favorite social media site? Nominate your favorite social media site for inclusion in the About.com Readers' Choice Awards.

8. Best Entertainment Site

Got a favorite game site? How about a site that makes you giggle, or adds a little spice to your day? Nominate your favorite entertainment site for the Readers' Choice Awards.

9. Best Web Tool

People all over the world use the Web to get better organized, become more productive, and connect with what's really important in life. Nominate your favorite productivity or Web-based tool site.

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