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MySpace Questions Answered

Find Out What's Behind The MySpace Buzz


Want to get some of your MySpace questions answered, as in why people use MySpace, what MySpace is good for, how to make the most of MySpace, and more?

Avid MySpace user Curtis R. Bizelli has written up a good introductory article that answers some of the most commonly asked MySpace questions.

Why do people use MySpace?

MySpace is without a doubt, a place for everybody. I started using MySpace sometime within the last year, and I’ve already spent tons and tons of time on the site.

On my personal page, I’ve had 5,158 profile views. My continuously growing number of friends is now 241, and I have 113,511,143 people in my network. That means all the people that are connected to me through other people in which are friends. And let me tell you a little secret-I deny about half of the friend requests that I receive, and delete the people that don’t talk to me. You will find that there is a lot of diversity on MySpace, and I’m not just talking about ethnicity or things of the such. I’m talking about everything from what people like to what they do for a career.

What are some of the benefits of using MySpace?

MySpace is a place for me to utilize my creative skills and have fun with HTML design, because when you sign up you are given a basic profile page, in which its up to you to customize it, and let me tell you…Mine is “pimped”. I’ve learned a lot about HTML design by using MySpace, and I now enjoy writing the codes. I have my friends asking me, “Can you help me with this?”, “I want to pimp my page out”. Of course, being the friend I am, I help them.

MySpace is also a great place to meet new people. I think this is the #1 reason why people come to the site. It’s amazing how many people I’ve become “good friends” with just by meeting them on the community of MySpace, and I say community literally, because that’s what it is. Everybody is linked together on one network. It is endless the things you can do, and there is an endless possibility to the amount of people you can meet.

What's the biggest draw to MySpace?

Here’s what I love about Myspace the most: I’ve contacted old high school friends that I haven’t talked to in years. It’s so cool to talk to them again.

What about MySpace search features?

Some of the features that make meeting new people and meeting old friends so easy are: the “search” option, the “browse” option, forums, groups, and the list of friends on everybody’s page including yours.

Within the search option, there is a “classmate finder”. You just enter your school, and anybody that has entered that information into their profile pops up. You can search by graduation date and everything.

The browse option is a better tool when you are looking for new people to meet. You can specify if you want male, female, or both, age, etc.

There is an extensive number of forum topics in which you can go in and get in discussions with other MySpace users. And the more you leave comments, post bulletins, leave messages in forums, join groups, get more friends…the more popular you become. I find it amazing how it works, and anybody can do it.

There is another fantastic feature at MySpace that we must not forget, and that is the groups. This is one of my favorites. There is a numerous amount of groups on MySpace in which you can sign up for, or get invited to. Here’s the cool thing. You can even create your own groups. So, if there is not one your looking for, create it, and invite other people. You become the leader of that group. I’m currently a part of 12 groups, in which I’m the moderator for two.

Let’s not forget about blogs. I don’t write personal blogs on MySpace. I use a couple other sites: Yahoo 360 and Blogger.com. But a lot of people utilize this feature. You can write about whatever you want, and it shows up on your page.

What about MySpace privacy?

Now, I’m not going to leave without addressing an issue that is on a lot of people’s minds, especially parents when it comes to MySpace: the safety of their children. Yes, there may be some deranged people on MySpace and porn might pop up every now and then, but perverts are everywhere on the internet, so you can’t point your finger at MySpace.

And concerning porn, it doesn’t show its face to much on the site. All profiles of those under 18 are marked private. Nobody can view any of the child’s information without first getting consent from the owner of the page: a great feature. I think everybody could benefit from using MySpace in one way or another, and “Hey”, It’s FREE!

Curtis Bizelli loves MySpace and it shows - he has two different MySpace pages here and here. How about you - want to talk more about MySpace? You can discuss MySpace in the forums.

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