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Find Songs By Title


You've got a song in your head, and you need to find the lyrics. Here are a few resources on the Web you can use to find a song by title:
  • Complete Album Lyrics: Find over 130,000 lyrics at Complete Album Lyrics, a comprehensive database of lyrics from nearly any song you can think of.
  • Just Some Lyrics: Get lyrics to your favorite song fast with Just Some Lyrics, a simple lyric search tool.
  • Misheard Lyrics: Can't figure out what that song really is saying? Try Misheard Lyrics, a collection of commonly misheard songs (with some pretty funny fake lyrics!).
  • Top Ten Lyric Search Engines: Searching for lyrics to a song can be a daunting task, but not with these Top Ten Lyric Search Engines. Find a song lyric, do a song search by lyric, and more. Find the song lyrics you're searching for on the Web quickly and easily!
  • Find Music From TV Commercials: you can find music from TV commericals on SongTitle.info, a very addictive site.
  • The Query by Humming Project: Basically, anyone with a microphone can hum a few bars and the Humming Project will match the song - very cool!
  • Foxy Tunes: FoxyTunes is an application that allows you to control almost any media player from within your browser - you can find lyrics, bios, album covers, and lots more.

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