1. Technology

Multimedia Tools and Utilities

Use these multimedia tools and utilities to find music, movies, and videos.

Free Utilities for Movie Downloads
Free movies can be found all over the Web, as well as free movie download tools. Learn how you can use these free utilities to download and convert all sorts of film formats.

What is streaming media?
Ever watched a video on the Web? You've probably encountered streaming media. Learn more about this ground-breaking technology.

Where can I post my photos on the Web?
Got photos? Want to share them? There are a multitude of great (free!) photo sites where you can post your photos.

Make your own animated movies with Animoto
If I told you you could make professionally animated movies of your photos with music and special effects, for FREE, you might look at me a little funny. After all, that kind of presentation usually requires some pretty hefty software, right? Not unless you try Animoto, a new service that takes your images, helps you overlay customized music, and personalizes your presentation.

Go back in video time with TimeTube
One of the coolest YouTube mashups I've come across lately has to be TimeTube, a site that takes your topic and finds videos for it, chronologically, starting with the first and ending with the most recent.

Technical Requirements for Multimedia
Use these resources to figure out what technical requirements you'll need to utilize multimedia content on the Web, as well as choose a media player.

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