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Metasearch Engines

The Top Ten Metasearch Engines on the Web


Search with multiple search engines at the same time with metasearch engines, unique tools you can use to scour more of the Web. Here are my picks for the top ten metasearch engines you can use to track down what you're looking for.

1. Dogpile

Rob Kievit/Flikr/CC BY 2.0
Dogpile, a meta search engine, is a great way to compare and compile results from many different search engines and directories at the same time.

2. Clusty

Learn about Clusty, a meta search engine with lots of interesting features, including a blogosphere meta search option, customization tabs, and of course, clustering.

3. ZapMeta

Learn more about ZapMeta, a great meta search engine that delivers fast, relevant results with plenty of extra search features, such as Quick View, results snapshot, and advanced relevance filtering.

4. Kartoo

Kartoo is a different breed of search engine - all your results are presented in a unique visual format: instead of text results, you get an interactive map. Read my profile of Kartoo and see if it might fit your search needs.

5. Mamma

Mamma.com is a good, solid meta search engine that provides fast and relvant results and excellent advanced search options. Read my profile of Mamma.com, a meta search engine with lots to offer the serious meta search user.

6. Search

Search.com is one of best meta search engines that I've come across. Not only does Search.com offer you the standard meta search experience of retrieving results from multiple search engines, they also offer mini-meta search engines on a variety of specific topics; anything from Blogs to Gaming to Business.

7. Ixquick

Ixquick is a metasearch engine, meaning that it pulls results from many different search engines and directories and presents them all in one simple search results page. Ixquick's ease of use, relevant results, and extra features all make it one metasearch engine that I highly recommend.

8. SurfWax

SurfWax is a metasearch engine with tons of great features. The longer I used SurfWax, the more I liked it.

9. Info.com

Info.com, a "search platform which draws together the best of the Web", recently answered some basic questions for me. Read the interview and see what Info.com had to say about its search technology, metasearching benefits, and more.

10. Yurnet

Find out more about Yurnet, a metasearch engine with a few interesting features.

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