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Ixquick, a Metasearch Engine


Ixquick Metasearch Engine

What Is Ixquick?

Ixquick is a metasearch engine, meaning that it pulls results from many different search engines and directories and presents them all in one simple search results page. Ixquick's ease of use, relevant results, and extra features all make it one metasearch engine that I highly recommend.

How to Metasearch with Ixquick

Navigate to the Ixquick home page. You'll see a bit different design that other metasearch engines out there; I personally really liked the vibrant color scheme.

You have a few different options available to you right off the bat. You can choose to search the Web with Ixquick, use the international phone directory, search for bargains online, or image search. In addition, you can select which language you'd like to search in; anywhere from English to German to Turkish.

My Web search for cheese brought back cleanly relevant results. The ads are clearly separated from the actual search results, and there are quite a few search extras, which I'll go through one by one.

  • Related Searches: At the top of your search results. Mine were "cheese making", "eggs", and "history of cheese."
  • Search Engines: You'll see a list of search engines that Ixquick pulled results from at the top of the page; you have the option of clicking any one of these to disallow them in your next search.
  • Icons - Stars, Checks, and X's: The Star icons indicate that a search engine chose that particular result as one of its ten best results. If you have five stars next to a particular search result, than that means that five different search engines agreed that on that particular result. The Check icon helps you to find results that are similar, and the X icon enables you to remove results that are not what you are looking for (this helps you to virtually "train" Ixquick to search the way you would like it to).

Ixquick Power Search-Advanced Search-Settings

Ixquick gives power searchers a couple of different options. First, there is Ixquick Power Search, which gives you a few basic Boolean options. Then you get Ixquick Advanced Search, which gives you Boolean search kicked up a notch (BAM!), including advanced search operators such as title search, domain name search, and back links. You should also definitely check out the Ixquick Power Search Techniques. In addition, if you feel like changing the way Ixquick presents your results, you should definitely check out the Ixquick Preferences page; you get a lot of control here, including a family filter, automatic highlighting, and font size.

Ixquick International Phone Directory

You can do a lot of fun stuff with the Ixquick International Phone Directory. People search, business search, and and an international reverse phone number lookup are all available here.

Ixquick Metasearch Shopping

Find the lowest prices online with Ixquick Shopping, an international shopping directory (click the dropdown menu to find your area of the world). Ixquick's shopping search is powered by Pricegrabber, which is on my list as one of the Best Shopping Search Engines.

Ixquick Metasearch Image Search

Ixquick Image Search delivers results that looked to be a combination of Picsearch, Yahoo Images, and Google Images. Reasonably good results, fast delivery, and again, ads are clearly separated.

Why Should I Use Ixquick to Metasearch?

A couple reasons:
  • Ixquick's scoring system (remember those star and X icons?) allows you to weed out results you really dislike. In effect, you're training your own metasearch engine to comply to your preferences.
  • Extra options such as the international phone directory and the Power Search techniques are easy to use and deliever relevant results.

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