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Track Flights All Over The World

Seven Web sites you can use to track flights in real time


The ability to track an airplane as it travels anywhere in the world is available to anyone with an Internet connection. The following seven Web sites will help you view real time arrivals and departures at your local airport, get information on possible delays, track weather and local conditions, find parking deals, and more.

1. FlightView

FlightView gives you the option of tracking flights by airline, airline code, flight number, and by city. You can also get a quick view of departure statuses from all major U.S. and Canadian airports, weather affecting specific flights, and live, in-flight flight information.

2. FlightArrivals

FlightArrivals is the Swiss Army knife of online flight trackers. You can use FlightArrivals to search for both commercial and general flight information, for flights arriving at specific airports, for flights between two or more airports, airport delays, airport maps, route maps for selected airports, seat maps, model information for various aircrafts, airline information, various flight-related statistics, and much more.

3. AeroSeek

AeroSeek tracks U.S. and European flights, offers flight delay information, departures and arrivals, general airport activity reports, flight stats, even airport security times.

4. Yahoo! Flight Tracker

Yahoo's flight tracker is very bare bones, but it does the job. Track arrivals and departures using a flight number or airline, destination, and origination point.

5. FlightStats

Track flights from all around the world with FlightStats, a very useful site that in addition to flight information offers customized map overlays, weather radar, and airport information.

6. FlightRadar24

FlightRadar24 is an utterly fascinating Web site that lets you watch live air traffic (based mostly in Europe at this time) Just click on one of the small aircraft icons, and you'll get up to date real time information: call signs, altitude, origination point, destination, speed, airline, etc.

7. FlightAware

Use FlightAware to track airline flights by airline name, flight number, destination, or origination point. You can also view an animated, real time flight map, specific airport departure and arrival activity, or see what a wide variety of airline/fleet operators are up to.

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