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MapQuest Canada



MapQuest, a popular mapping and driving directions site, offers maps from all over the world. One of the more popular mapping services is for Canada. Web searchers can access the Canadian map directly by clicking here: Mapquest Canada. You'll see an atlas-like view of Canada; double-click to drill down further in any Canadian location, or type in the addresses you need directions for to the right of the map.


Driving directions

To find driving directions, enter in as much information as you have (just a city and province is fine). Click on "Get Directions", and you'll see what you need. You can choose to have these output with the shortest time, shortest distance, or avoid highways by clicking on the "Get Options" dropdown menu.

If you don't have a full address, no worries. Just enter in the city and province, and you'll get a detailed map of the area. MapQuest Canada offers maps with neat extra details such as local restaurants, hotels, and attractions; you can also add extra "layers" to your map with the Satellite and 360 options.

Traffic conditions

It's simple to look up traffic conditions anywhere you might be traveling. Updated every five minutes; simply click on the "Traffic Conditions" tab to get an almost real-time feed of what's going on. 


Send to someone else

You can also send your directions to someone else; just click on "Send" and you'll get the option to send via email, to a mobile phone, to Facebook, even to a GPS device. 

Want to embed directions? You can do that too. Mapquest gives you the option to copy and paste a shortened link within a Web page, or a full embed code if you'd like to display the map or directions in their entirety. 

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