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Mapquest Local


mapquest local

What is Mapquest Local?:

Mapquest Local brings a wide variety of information together - traffic reports, weather, news, etc. - all in one place. Think of Mapquest Local as your hometown newspaper with every section on one convenient page.

Does Mapquest Local cover every city?:

Mapquest looks at where your IP address originates from to put an initial local city or town's information on your Mapquest Local page. For instance, if you reside in San Francisco, you're probably going to see information for San Francisco on the page.

Changing your location is simple. Just click the text link "Change My Location", and type in what you want.

What can I find on Mapquest Local?:

Mapquest Local brings together a wide variety of information pertaining to your local area, including:
  • Local blogs
  • Upcoming concerts
  • Job listings
  • Classifieds
  • Gas prices
  • Restaurants
  • Movies
  • Used cars for sale
  • Sports

You can customize each of these information panels to your specifications easily, making Mapquest Local even more personalized to your tastes and needs.

How can I personalize Mapquest Local?:

There are a number of ways you can make Mapquest Local your own. First, as stated above, you can point it to any location you want. Next, at the top of the Mapquest Local page, you'll see four buttons:
  • Make Local My Homepage: This makes your Mapquest Local page the page your browser automatically defers to when you click "home" on your browser toolbar.
  • Add/Remove Widgets and Set Page Options: Get rid of the information you don't like, and add what you do. You can also decide how often you want the page to refresh here.
  • Refresh all widgets: Get new information.
  • Share: share information with friends.

Can I access Mapquest Local on my mobile phone?:

Yes - simply point your mobile browser to http://local.mapquest.com. This is especially handy as you're away from home; you can check movie times, restaurant schedules, etc. on the go.

What is Mapquest Local?:

Mapquest Local brings a wide variety of information together in one convenient location based on your local area. It's a great way to grab all your news, weather, sports, etc. quickly and easily without having to jump to different sites.

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