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A Kid's Guide to the World Wide Web

Most kids these days naturally turn to the Web for all sorts of things: education, research, the latest music/videos/TV shows/books, and of course, to connect with friends. Here are a few of the best resources for kids on the Web.
  1. Free Books (3)
  2. Free Online Music (5)
  3. Search Engines For Kids (4)
  4. Safety on the Web (3)
  5. Homework Help (16)
  6. Free Movies and Videos (13)
  7. Free Games for Kids Online (10)
  8. Webkinz World (1)

The Best Kids Sites on the Web
There are so many great kids sites out there on the Web; here's a few that I visit with my own kids.

Five Ways to Talk to Santa Claus Online
Kids of all ages will enjoy chatting, emailing, and even viewing Santa Claus online with these free interactive websites.

Who is Fred Figglehorn?
If your kids are asking you about Fred Figglehorn, you can get a brief informational bio here at About.com.

If you're looking for an Internet filter that doesn't cost a lot of money, you might want to check out Kidoz, a Web browser that gets kids online safely and responsibly.

Virtual Pets: The Top Ten Sites
Looking for free virtual pets? Here are the top ten sites for free virtual pets to take care of, from Webkinz to Neopets to Club Penguin and everything in-between.

Search the Web with the Nintendo Wii
The Nintendo Wii is not only great for gaming, but you can also search the Web via Wii-friendly browsers and Web sites.

The Chronicles of Narnia - Best Narnia and C.S Lewis Sites on the Web
Here are the best Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis, and of course, the best Narnia Movie sites (including a great Narnia trailer!) on the Web.

The Best Harry Potter Sites
Here are some of the best Harry Potter sites on the Web.

Twenty Books You Can Use To Introduce Your Children to the Web
Children these days have the unique opportunity to use the Web for a huge variety of purposes. Find out how to introduce your children to the Web with my picks for some of the best children's books out there that can help you child understand more about the Web and what they can use it for.

Free Math Worksheets and Online Math Games for Kids
There are plenty of free math worksheets and online math games for kids on the Web. Here are a few of the ones that I use for my own kids.

Free Movies and Multimedia for Kids Online
Here are five sites for finding free movies online for kids, from animated specials to free, full length films.

Learn About the Web with Free Online Courses
Need some help making your Web searches as efficient as possible? Pick one of the free online courses available at About Web Search and watch your Web search skills improve in no time at all!

The Best Mobile Sites on the Web
The following list of the best mobile sites on the Web across nine different categories are the sites that can save you time, money, and make your travels on the mobile Web as convenient as possible.

Back to School Web Guide for Students
There are many fantastic resources on the Web, especially for students. In this handy back to school reference guide, we'll take a look at the best reference sites, the best search engines, and the best time-saving tools for students.

Mobile Sports Sites
Keep track of your favorite sports teams and personalities with mobile sports sites.

Free Coloring Pages and How to Find Them Online
Find any coloring page you can possibly think of with About.com's guide to digging down deep into unprotected indexes, deep links, and ad-free zones.

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