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How to Use Monster to Find a Job


monster jobs
Monster Jobs is one of the most useful job search engines on the Web today. In order to use Monster Jobs to its fullest, I've written up this list of five search tips you can use on the Monster Jobs site; these tips will streamline your searches and better target your search results.

Use the Browse feature: Monster Jobs has all their major job search criteria laid out on one convenient page; you can get an idea of what you're looking for here and use it to drill down to more specific results.

Use the Site Map: One of the first things I navigate to when visiting a new site is the Site Map, and Monster Jobs has a good one. You can use this as an ultimate navigation tool for the site.

Use the Search feature: The Search box (located on the front page center) is where you can get very specific with your job search. You can type in an exact job title along with geographic location to see what comes up. Once you get the hang of this, you can try changing around your keywords, choosing a different but similar industry, or changing the radius around the location you're willing to work in.

Use the Advanced Search: The Monster Jobs advanced search is a bit hidden, but it's worth the hunt. Right underneath the main search box you'll see a link to "More Search Options"; click on that arrow and you'll see a drop-down menu with options for exact phrases, exclusions, company, industries, occupations, and job type. You'll get very specific results using this search tool.

Use the Saved Searches feature: Once you find a job search that really is coming up with a lot of good stuff, you don't have to keep visiting Monster Jobs day after day to run the same search - you can save your search and get it as a RSS feed in your favorite feed reader.

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