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How to Search for Jobs with LinkUp


LinkUp is a job search engine that searches for jobs within company websites. Here are five search tips that will help you use LinkUp more effectively.

LinkUp basic search: LinkUp's basic search is extremely basic, offering you the option to search by job title, keyword, or location. You can search by one of the three, two out of three, or all at once.

LinkUp advanced search: LinkUp's advanced search is available by clicking on the dropdown menu right under the basic search menu. You can search by company name here, as well as categories; there's also a "search methods" option: match any, match all, exact matches, or Boolean search.

Browse the sitemap: LinkUp offers all of their search options on one convenient page; you can check out employers (arranged alphabetically), locations, and categories here.

Use the LinkUp tools: LinkUp has a variety of Web 2.0 tools for you to use in your job search, including Job Search Results for your blog, Job Notes, and a job cloud.

Use RSS to track your LinkUp jobs: Any job search that you run at LinkUp can be subscribed to via RSS and read in your favorite feed readers. This makes your job search an automated one.

As you can see, LinkUp offers many search options for the job searcher. For more job search engines, check out the Top Ten Job Search Engines, and be sure to visit the excellent About Job Search site.

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