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Find Jobs With Dice: Five Tips To Make Your Searches Even Better


Dice is a popular job search choice for people looking specifically in the technology job market. Although Dice is extremely easy to use, there are a few things searchers can do to make their job searches even more tailored to what they might be looking for.

Use the basic search: Dice has a simple yet effective search feature front and center. Type in a cursory search here for the job you're looking for and where you're looking, and your search results will come back with more options: keyword refinements, radius options, sort by relevance, sort by date, and more.

Use the advanced search: I was a bit disappointed in Dice's advanced search feature; it's not much more powerful than the basic search, but you can restrict the kind of employment that you're looking for here, as well as tweak the location you're looking in.

Check out the Dice RSS feeds: The sheer number of Dice's RSS feeds is amazing. You can subscribe to any of these to get job results right in your feed reader.

Search by occupation or location: If you'd like to see all of Dice's locations in one place for easy browsing, you can: check out the locations page or browse by skill.

Browse the site map: Dice's site map is a bit tricky to find, but it's a great way to get an overview of the entire site to see where you will start your search first.

Dice is an excellent place to start your job search, and with these search tips, you'll be able to make your search more efficient. For more job search resources, check out the top ten job search engines, and be sure to visit the excellent About Job Search guidesite.

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