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How big is the Invisible Web?


Question: How big is the Invisible Web?
The Hidden Web, aka the Invisible Web, aka the Invisible Web, is the part of the Web that can't be easily accessed with a simple search engine query. How big, exactly, is the Invisible Web?
Answer: The Invisible Web is estimated to be literally thousands of times larger than the Web content found with general search engine queries. According to Bright Planet, a search organization specializing in Invisible Web content extraction, the Invisible Web contains nearly 550 billion individual documents compared to the one billion of the surface Web.

The major search engines - Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing - don't bring back all the "hidden" content in a typical search, simply because they can't see that content without specialized search parameters and/or search expertise.

So how do you find the hidden Web? Here are a few resources:

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