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Humanities Resources on the Invisible Web

History, Literature, Arts and More


There are plenty of humanities resources on the Invisible Web, anything from Art to History to Architecture. The Invisible Web is perfect for uncovering these valuable databases, because there is no end of the great humanities Web sites you can find.

  • The Humbul Humanities Hub is an astoundingly huge site. Search from categories such as German Studies, Classics, History, and Religion and Theology.
  • Search for arts and humanities subjects at InfoMine.com. This database contains a wide variety of arts and humanities information.
  • Search gurus Chris Sherman and Gary Price's invaluable Invisible Web Directory delivers the goods once again in the liberal arts section.
  • The Librarians' Index to the Internet is a great collection of information; anything from animation to textiles.
  • The Resource Discovery Network gives searchers many arts and humanities categories to search from, including arts and creative industries, humanities, and social sciences.
  • For art resources, than try ADAM, the "gateway to art, design, architecture, and media information on the Internet." Basically this is a specialized search engine that is indexed by a team of librarians, using strict cataloging guidelines. Excellent resource.
  • Georgetown University has put together The Labyrinth, a site that gives searchers resources for anything medieval. Search in categories from coins to Old Norse.
  • The National Endowment for the Humanities is a searchable database that covers American History.
  • University of California's Searchlight.com allows you to "search publicly-available databases and other resources available to Internet users". They have two flavors: Arts and Humanities, or Sciences and Engineering. Within the Arts and Humanities section, you can choose which topic you'd like to specialize in, which will narrow down your search results even further.
  • Humanities Text Initiative: From the University of Michigan; "The Humanities Text Initiative (HTI) is an umbrella organization for the creation, delivery, and maintenance of electronic texts, as well as a mechanism for furthering the library community's capabilities in the area of online text."
  • Sprague Library of Montclair State University:"The content of this site consists of primary texts in Latin, Greek, Anglo-Saxon and English, and secondary texts in English." Includes a list of databases by subject.

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