1. Technology
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Internet for Beginners

The Internet - it's changed the world! Learn more about this fantastic invention.

Hide Your Tracks Online and Delete Your Internet History
Guard your privacy and learn how to delete what you've been looking at on the Internet.

Al Gore Invented the Internet? What Did Al Gore Really Say?
Did Al Gore really invent the Internet? Find out what Al Gore really said about inventing the Internet.

Great Quotes from Internet Pioneers
Vint Cerf, Tim Berners-Lee, Marc Andreeson...any of these names ring a bell? They were all instrumental in how the Web was formed. Read great quotes from these and many other Internet pioneers.

Quotes From Founders of the Most Popular Sites on the Internet
Amazon, eBay, Google...all of these sites had humble beginnings that grew beyond anything their founders had imagined. Read quotes from the early days of these and other popular websites.

Internet History Timeline
Internet history is interesting, if for nothing else than it's fascinating to see how far we've come in so short a time. Read this short history of the Internet, and learn more about the Internet history timeline.

Who Rules The Internet?
Are there Internet regulations that everyone has to follow? Sort of. Learn more about what is behind the foundations of what runs our lives online.

What is broadband?
Broadband technology gives Web searchers lightning fast access to the Internet. Learn more about broadband and what it can do for you.

What is packet switching?
What is packet switching, and how does packet switching work? Learn more about this innovative technology at About.com.

What is a link?
A link is the building block of the Internet. Find out more about links and how they work.

What does it mean to download something?
Learn what downloading means along with other common Web search terms at the About.com glossary of Web search terms.

What is FTP?
FTP is a technology used to transfer files on the Web. Learn more about FTP.

What is the Internet Backbone?
The term "Internet backbone" is an important one to Web searchers. Learn more about the Internet backbone and what it means.

What is dial-up?
Learn what dial-up and other Web search terms mean at the About.com Web Search glossary.

What is a modem?
What is a modem, and how does a modem work? Learn what a modem is at the About.com glossary of Web search terms.

What is TCP/IP?
What is TCP/IP? Learn more about this important Web search acronym.

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