1. Technology
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Picsearch is a search engine dedicated solely to finding images - photos, clip art, black and white content - on the Web.

Picsearch only provides thumbnail copies of the original images - if you click on the image link, you'll be taken to the originating site, from which you'll need to obtain permission in order to use that image.

Finding images is simple - just navigate to the home page and type in a query. Popular searches are rotated on the home page; these usually pertain to movies, celebrities, or current news events.

Search results are organized in a table layout; below each thumbnail is the size, height, and width of the originating picture, along with source information. The site also gives you more search suggestions at the top of the search results page, as well as a text link you can use to report any offensive images (family filters are great but there's no way that they can catch everything).

You have a few advanced search options available to you; just click on the Advanced Search text link above the main search query bar. You can limit your search by images, animations, black and white photos, etc.

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