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The Top Nine Sites For Finding Torrents On The Web


Web searchers all over the world use the Web and an ingenious networking technology originated by Bram Cohen called BitTorrent, aka torrents, to find and share music, movies, and books quickly and easily. This protocol makes it possible to distribute very large files to many people simultaneously simply by sharing the load; small chunks of a file are downloaded and uploaded by many different people in many different locations, all at the same time.

Not sure what torrents are? Read the following tutorials:

Note: While searching for torrents and P2P sharing technology is completely legal, many of the torrent files that you will come across on the Web are actually copyrighted. Copyright law in the United States and other countries (excluding Canada) puts these torrent files and downloading these torrent files at risk for legal action, including lawsuits. Please use common sense and know your local laws before using torrent technology.

1. YouTorrent

YouTorrent.com (BETA) - Your Torrents. Real Time._1211215411593
Alexsandro_xpt/Flikr/CC BY 2.0
YouTorrent is a search engine that scours a dozen or so different torrent search services and brings the results to you all in one place. Simply type in the name of the multimedia content that you are looking for, and you'll have a good array of results quickly.

You can filter your results on YouTorrent by checking out the rotating list of files that are being downloaded right now on the front page, viewing the Featured content, searching via keyword, or browsing the categories: Music, Movies, TV, or Games.

2. Torrentz

Torrentz is a meta-search engine that brings back results from several different torrent search engines and sites, offering literally millions of file selections in their impressive index. You can use Torrentz to find what you're looking for several different ways: by keyword, by title, by tag, or by category.

Torrentz's search results pages return (potentially) dozens of links to the same content item, since they are finding all the different occurrences of that particular item on several different sites and search engines. Scroll down the page and you'll see whether or not this file was actually verified by other Torrentz users (verified files are virus-free and contain all that they advertise), as well as the contents of the file so you know exactly what you're getting.

3. Mininova

Mininova is one of the largest torrent search engines on the Web, started back in 2005, and therefore offers you a LOT of content from which to choose from - even an RSS feed so you can stay updated easily on featured content.

You can search for files at Mininova several different ways: see what's the most popular, browse the categories (books, anime, games, TV shows, etc.), or check out Mininova's advanced search. The advanced search gives you even more options, including the ability to filter your search via keyword.

4. Torrent Reactor

Torrent Reactor
TorrentReactor has a lot to offer, and initially the site can be somewhat overwhelming because of that. Browse the categories ranging from Anime to Movies to Popular, see what the Latest might include, and check out the list of daily files that other users have uploaded or downloaded.

5. The Pirate Bay

the pirate bay
The Pirate Bay is a peer to peer file sharing site where users can swap movie, music, and game files. It's defined as a torrent tracker, which means that it's a central hub for all file transfers that Pirate Bay users share. The site was created in 2003 and remains one of the most popular places online to find all kinds of content.

While you can search via keyword on Pirate Bay, it's more interesting to see what's in the Pirate Bay Top 100 picks. These are the files that are seeing more activity than anything else on the site, divided by category into Books, Music, TV Shows, Movies, and lots more.

6. Isohunt

Isohunt is a bittorrent file search engine with millions of fans all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of files are shared here every single day, making it one of the most popular torrent websites currently in existence.

Isohunt offers a sophisticated search that offers Boolean search filters, wildcards, and the use of quotations to specify a phrase. You can subscribe via RSS to any search phrase. Click on a search result, and you'll see a summary of contents, user submitted comments and criticism, and of course, a link to download the files you're looking for.

7. Public Domain Movie Torrents

public domain movie BitTorrents
You're not going to find any extremely popular movies here at Public Domain Movie Torrents, but what you will find are tons of completely free classic and B-movie movie files. Because they have fallen out of copyright and are now in the public domain, you can share these movies, available in a variety of different formats, with as many people as you would like without fear of copyright infringement.

8. KickAss Torrents

Kickass Torrents, a torrent search engine created in 2008, offers a very user-friendly site that beginners will especially appreciate. Check out the content on Kickass Torrents several different ways: by tag, by keyword, by category, by latest download, and by most recent releases.

9. BTJunkie

BTJunkie is a large torrent search engine that offers a wide range of popular content. BtJunkie gives searchers the ability to find torrents here via a variety of different methods, including keyword search, a drop-down menu with a host of filter options, and an ever-changing list of most popular downloads on the site.

Once you find something you like on BtJunkie, you'll have even more options available to you. You can subscribe via RSS to a search you'd like to keep track of, or filter your search results by language and category.

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